DCgate is no longer maintained or supported.
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What Is DCgate?
DCgate is the best way to chat and share files with other students at Purdue. It allows you to connect to other users on the Purdue campus and share files at blazing speeds, all while not using any of your 5GB bandwidth limit.
How Does It Work?
DCgate works by connecting your computer to a IRC server, this synchronizes data between clients and lets your client know where other users are on the network. Think of DCgate as your phone and the server as the directory. It shows you the address of other users on the network. (See diagram below)
DCgate Network Diagram
OK, This Sounds Good, How Do I Get It?

In order to begin sharing files on DCgate you will need the following two items: The DCgate gateway and a DC client. Currently we only have binaries for windows, however you can compile the source for use on Linux or MacOS.
You can download both the gateway and client below:

DCgate Download

DC Clients:

Got The Files, Now What?
To begin downloading and sharing files, extract the contents of the DCgate archive to your computer and execute the DCgate application. Next, Install DC++ or another DC client. Finally, read the "readme.txt" included with DCgate for instructions on configuring your client.
I Still Need Help!
If you are still having trouble, visit the official DCgate forums at Register for an account and you will have access to a wealth of knowledge in setting up and running DCgate.
I'm Up and Running, What Next?

The only way the DCgate network grows is by word of mouth. Tell your friends about this and help the network grow even larger.

Also, you can download one of the DCgate desktop walpapers for your computer:

DCgate Walpaper (black 1280x1024): DOWNLOAD
DCgate Walpaper (white 1280x1024): DOWNLOAD

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